Bisexual YouTuber Lilly Singh will have her own late night show


NBC has found a substitution for Carson Daly’s long-running show Last Call with Carson Daly, which airs in the 1:35am slot. The new show is to be called A Little Late with Lilly Singh and it is launched in September .It is going to be three times historic, as there has never been a late night show the mainstream TV to be host either by a woman, or by a person of color, or by someone who belongs to the LGBT community, and Singh combines all three. “I’m so excited, because I truly get to create a show from scratch. I get to make it inclusive, I get to create comedy segments and interview people and create something that I really believe in, and I’m so honored and humbled,” the vlogger-turned-TV presenter told her potential colleague and somehow rival Jimmy Fallon. She said that it would be quite similar to what she does on Youtube but now she has a bigger platform and a bigger team to help her with it. “I’m thrilled to bring it to life on NBC, and I hope my parents consider this to be as exciting as a grandchild,” she joked.


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