David Lloyd Leisure responde4d to accusations of transphobia


David Lloyd Leisure spokesperson told HuffPost that trans members had to use “facilities designated for their birth gender, with an exception for those trans people who have Gender Recognition Certificates to show. This claim sparked outrage because a)due to legal issues only a tiny part of trans population is able to receive such certificates b) asking people to show such documents (even if they have them) violates their privacy. And now the company’s CEO Glenn Earlam responds to the criticism saying that there have never been any issues with transgender people using facilities of their choice and they have never been barred from doing it. “We do not have a practice of asking people for a Gender Recognition Certificate and as far as I am aware, we have never done so,” he ensures. “David Lloyd Leisure has always worked to ensure that our clubs offer the highest quality facilities, and provide a welcoming environment to all, regardless of ability, race, sexuality or gender,” the company’s official statement on this issue reads, “We have zero tolerance for any behavior which puts at risk, disrespects or causes concern to our members or to our team.”


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