Karamo Brown is under fire for suggesting The Bachelor is gay


Karamo Brown has sparked outrage on Twitter by questioning whether the showrunners are sure that the main star of the latest season of the popular show Colton Underwood is attracted to women at all. “My gaydar is going crazy,” Brown wrote. And these words irritated the Twitter audience as the term ‘gaydar’ (gay radar) was invented by homophobes in a mocking manner, suggesting that every gay man had a special ‘gay mark’ on him which is not visible for straight people but allows gay men to find one another in the crowd. But the thing is that Karamo is gay himself and he must have known that there are no specifically ‘gay’ features to be visible at first sight and as a consequence there cannot be any ‘gaydar’ to identify these features. Twitter audience also recalled that Brown shouldn’t be questioning someone else’s sexuality in such a public forum. How about we don’t risk potentially outing someone by causing online conversation on a topic that is 100 percent not anyone’s business,” tweeted one person.


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