Riverdale had lesbian sex scene


Queer Riverdale characters Cheryl Blossom and Toni Topaz went further in their relationships, as Toni, who is a security guard, caught Cheryl on a robbery attempt. Cheryl reacts with typical self-confidence, saying: “Lying in wait for me? Color me shocked.” “Earlier tonight you were casing the place—and you wanted me to know it,” Toni replies. “So? What are you going to do now? Cuff me?” asks Cheryl. But instead the guard starts slowly shortening the distance between them up until their lips meet. And they did not stop upon it. Riverdale writer Brian E. Paterson started to tease fans that the female couple, ship-named Choni, will probably go further in showing their attraction to one another than just holding hands and locking lips. The fans could not be more excited with what they got in the end. It is just a figure of speech, it is not the end, and they demand more and more, and they cannot make up their minds that after all THIS the two decided to split. A particularly angry fan commented: “I GOT CHONI SEX THE BEST F/F SEX I HAVE EVER WITNESSED ON TELEVISION BUT AT WHAT COST… THEY F**KING BROKE UP 4 MINUTES LATER”


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