Sam Smith had liposuction at 12


It is not a secret for Sam Smith’s fans that their idol used to be a fatty boy in childhood. The openly gay Oscar and Grammy winner does not hide that he had not been satisfied with the way he looked and even used to starve himself. But as it turns out now, he went even further and tried to get rid of his overweight surgically when he was just 12 years old. He told Jameela Jamil that the procedure of liposuction on chest was required because he had a hormonal disbalance and the estrogen level was too high for a boy, and the weight problems probably occurred due to the same reason. And frankly speaking, the operation did not change Sam’s weight as significantly as he expected to, because he still had to learn how to balance his nutrition and how to keep himself in shape with no physical and especially mental harm, and it took years. He had to become a mature person to understand that if he dislikes his body (and he still does, though his admirers see no reason for it) then he should fight against his problems in a healthy way instead of victimizing himself and dragging deeper into sadness.


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