Daryll Rowe infected people with HIV because he could not accept the diagnosis


Rowe discussed his crimes from prison as part of the BBC Three program The Man Who Used HIV As a Weapon. He said that this is how he expressed a denial with his diagnosis. Rowe, the first person in the UK to be convicted for infecting people with HIV, who was given a life sentence in April 2018, told the BBC that his attitude to sex was disturbed and he transmitted it on others. His attitude to the diagnosis was distorted too, as he deliberately avoided using medical treatment that could have stopped him from transmitting the virus, as he believed admitting his HIV status and applying for treatment would be giving up. “I almost used that [urine therapy] as an excuse in my head for continuing to have unprotected sex,” he added, “Like, I thought in my mind: ‘Well, this must be maybe blocking it in a way.’ “I hold my hands up completely on occasion [to] not using a condom when I was asked to, and that to me was obviously the worst point,” he continued, “I mean, 100 percent in my mind, I wasn’t thinking: ‘Right I’ve definitely not got it,’ but I was in that point, I was convinced, I was thinking: ‘Right, I’m blocking it.’ But, at the time, in that kind of high emotional situation, I used it as a sort of weapon to get a reaction from them, which was really immature.”


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