First LGBT health adviser Dr. Michael Brady advocates for PrEP rollout


Britain’s first LGBT+ health adviser has backed calls to roll out HIV prevention pill PrEP nationwide, arguing that it would save a huge part of the NHS budget. Speaking to Reuters, Dr. Brady, who is currently Medical Director of the Terrence Higgins Trust (THT), said that by preventing HIV people arte slowly putting money back to NHS as it means that they will not get the virus and will not require a lifelong treatment which is very expensive, and will also make it possible to decrease the levels of illnesses related to mental health and fertility Dr. Brady said his main priorities are “to improve the health and wellbeing of the LGBT community, improve the experience in the NHS and to reduce inequality,” according to Reuters. But Dr. Brady, who will be on an initial 12-month contract, said that he does not think his brief covers all aspects of the debate over transgender rights. “I have a very health-focused remit, and some of the more challenging and difficult discussions around the trans issue are separate from the health issue,” he told Reuters.


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