Gay man in Arizona was attacked by a group of people


A gay man says he was attacked by a mob in Phoenix, Arizona, after a woman flicked a cigarette in his car and chanted an F-slur at him. After that he was heavily punched before he was even able to understand what was going on. The victim said that there was a group of attackers that consisted of 10 people. Marin said that one man kicked him in the face once he was lying on the ground. “I have a broken nose and a swollen face and bruised body. I`m home resting. Thanks for all your love!” Marin filed a complaint to the Phoenix police and they have confirmed that the investigation continues and no arrests have been made so far. “Frankly, I don’t know why this happened,” he said adding: “People don’t understand how much worse it is when the word faggot is thrown in there… People attacking you for something you just can’t control and something that wasn’t a choice,” said the man. In the video, Marin also thanked the hundreds of people who sent him message of support, he really appreciates it and it means a lot to him.


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