Illinois decided that LGBT history will be taught in schools


Illinois’ House of Representatives has reportedly voted for LGBT+ history to be taught in the state’s schools. To be more specific, history books should recognize the contribution of the LGBT personalities to the history of Illinois. RT reports that the bill was passed by 60 votes to 42. The supporters of the bill believe that it will help to tackle the problem of homophobic bullying against school students. If measure becomes law, Illinois will be the third state in the US to require schools to teach LGBT+ history, after similar legislation was implemented in California and New Jersey. The bill is now waiting to be signed off by Democrat governor J. B. Pritzker. It was passed by the Illinois senate in May 2018 with a vote of 34-18, reports The Hill. Democrat representative Jennifer Gong-Gershowit, a supporter of the plan, said her brother, who is a teacher, had faced disciplinary punishment for telling the pupils that one of the historic figures mentioned in the lesson was gay.


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