Dublin pub refused to serve a trans woman


Sonia Kolasinka went to Madigan’s bar after a political meeting in Dublin last August, but when she arrived, the doorman did not let her in, Irish Times reports. Kolasinka told the doorman that the organizers of the political meeting must have booked a space, as she could see them in there. But as she tried to walk in the security guard told her to leave. “I told my friends and they asked why. They started arguing with the guy. I heard the bouncer talking to them and I just overheard ‘trans’ and ‘this trans person,’” said the woman, adding that she hardly stopped herself from crying when it all happened because she felt deeply humiliated and broken. After her friends argued with the security guard, Kolasinka and her friends were allowed to stay in the venue. They had one drink to prove a point before going on to another bar. Kolasinka, who is 39 years old, came out as transgender two years ago, and said that this was the first time she experienced discrimination for her gender identity.


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