Andrea Leadsom thinks parents should choose whether to educate children about LGBT or not


Leader of the House of Commons Andrea Leadsom commented the issue of LGBT-inclusive education in primary schools across the UK in the interview to LBC on March 20th. Pressed on the issue by LBC’s Nick Ferrari, Leadsom said: “I think it is right that the government should have passed legislation that requires relationships and sex education is taught in schools.” But on the other side of the coin she is sure that parents should be able to choose when and how to inform their children about these issues. Asked whether a five year old should learn about LGBT+ people, Leadsom said that it was not the case because equality means no0t only respecting LGBT individuals and their commitment in society (which is of course very important!) but also respecting different approaches of parents to bringing up their kids – ones say it okay to know about LGBT when you are 5 and they have all rights to think so, but others think that it would be better for their children not to know about it at that age and they also have a right to think so.


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