Deaf transgender campaigner has a role in a superhero movie


Model and YouTuber Chella Man is set to join the second season of DC Universe’s live-action series Titans. The 20-year-old youtuber revealed to his followers that the role of Joseph Wilson, aka Jericho is to be his long-awaited acting debut. In production notes quoted by Deadline, Jericho is described as a “gentle natured yet proud hero [who] has proven himself a formidable Titan” and he is unable to talk because the assassins have damaged his vocal chords. Isn’t it a perfect role for an actor who happens to be deaf but does not want to speculate on it and to cause sympathy of the watchers? This is a real disability visibility and this is the space all disabled actors (and people in general) should have, this is the true inclusion. Chella Man, who is deaf and has used his social media platform to raise awareness both about gender identity and disability issues, described the chance to play Jericho as a “dream come true” because he has always believed that his difference is a tool to show his power and now he has a chance to prove it to others.


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