Former Manchester United star Patrice Evra is under fire for homophobia


French football club Paris Saint-Germain has condemned anti-gay comments from former Manchester United captain Patrice Evra as a reaction of MU winning the match against the French club at March 6th. In the video the footballer is heard saying “Paris, you are some faggots, some faggots, I’m telling you. We put our D team and we did you. Some kids played – they used to clean my boots. They don’t even have sperm. Paris, you are some pussies.” Paris Saint-Germain representatives wrote a condemning statement saying they were deeply shocked to hear such insults towards the club in general and its former and current players in part, as the club is committed to respect and diversity as the most important values. The fight against homophobia and all forms of discrimination is at the heart of PSG’s actions and values,” the statement concludes.


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