Police is not going investigate ‘misgendering’ of Mermaids CEO’s daughter


A front-page Daily Telegraph story on Wednesday (March 20) alleged that Surrey Police were investigating former Catholic Voices spokesperson Caroline Farrow for misgendering the daughter of Mermaids CEO Susie Green on Twitter. The story, which was picked up by a string of other outlets, alleged that indeed, there was a transphobic claim from Farrow, there was a hateful remark from her, and it made Green file a legal complaint, but the situation has nothing to do with incorrect pronouns. Farrow had claimed her comments were a “Freudian slip,” telling Victoria Derbyshire she “didn’t do it with malicious intent and was referring to her daughter as a son in the past tense, before she had her gender reassigned.” Green published the full screenshots of Farrow’s since-deleted tweets. In a series of posts, Farrow accused Green of castrating her 16-year-old child, writing: “What she did to her own son is illegal. She mutilated him by having him castrated and rendered sterile while still a child.” Another tweet read: “I think it’s time everyone called out Susie Green and Mermaids policy for what it is. Child abuse.”


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