Theresa May is under fire for not condemning anti-LGBT protests


The British PM faces backlash for not vocally criticizing anti-LGBT protests outside schools and comments from a senior member of her Cabinet referring to children being “exposed” to LGBT+ issues. Gay Labour MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle challenged the Conservative leader during Prime Minister’s Questions reminding that she voted to keep the law which forbade discussing of LGBT issues at schools. He hoped that she had changed her mind since then but her current behavior shows him that she had not. “Will the Prime Minister condemn the Leader of the House, condemn bigots that don’t want LGBT+ people to be heard in schools, and will she support Ofsted with good LGBT+ education in our schools?” he asked. “Can I say to the Hon. Gentleman, I’m very happy to write to him with the detail of guidance that is given to schools on LGBT+ education in teaching. I think it is important… the Minister for Women and Equalities [Penny Mordaunt] has been at great pains to ensure that appropriate guidance is given to schools,” said the PM


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