Good Morning Britain guest insists people choose to be gay


Izzy Montague, who is a client of anti-LGBT lobbying group Christian Concern, was invited on the ITV show on March 21 to discuss the issue of protests against anti-bullying program including LGBT issues at schools across the UK. In a debate opposite gay dad Tom Cox, Montague claimed that she personally has never questioned herself whether she was gay or straight, she just knew that it was right for a woman to love a man and loving a woman would be wrong. “Even if I was gay, I personally believe I would, based on my belief, think a heterosexual relationship is the right course of action for me. No one has forced you to be in a gay relationship. It’s a decision you made… it’s a preference,” she said. Cox said that as well as his opponent knew she was straight, he knew he was gay and he had never chosen it. But what people choose is how to treat others, you may not be gay, but it does not mean you are supposed to hate gay people. Sexuality is not a choice, hate is.


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