The Economist is under fire for asking whether to sterilize trans people


The Economist has come under fire for posting an article about transgender people on Twitter with the question: “Should transgender people be sterilized before they are recognized?”The article is devote4d to a controversial transgender policy in Japan, where it is impossible for people to change their legal gender unless they have undergone sterilization. The first line of the article reads: “Should transgender people be sterilized before they are recognized? Earlier this year Japan’s Supreme Court decided that the answer is yes.” However, the article was posted on Twitter alongside just the first half of the headline and instead of supporting trans community it offends them. The publication deleted the tweet and clarified the misunderstanding. In another follow-up tweet today, The Economist said: “We were wrong to use the first line of this article out of its context. Sorry. The article explores in detail a question that was put to Japan’s Supreme Court. Our tweets often use a line from the articles they link to. We’ve noted the error and corrected it in subsequent tweets”


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