Hong Kong politician says same-sex marriages won’t come to the country as they are too controversial


Hong Kong chief executive Carrie Lam has said that same-sex marriage will not be coming to the region. She said that she personally supports LGBT rights and same-sex marriages, but doubts whether her fellow citizens could divide her opinion because this issue continues to create controversy in the country’s society. “The relaxation in immigration arrangements… does help, although that arose from the government losing a case in court, although in a way that does help to address the issue of attracting overseas talent,” the CEO added, “Now, under the immigration policy we abide by, this court ruling, this is also an indication of the rule of law in Hong Kong. We will give dependent visas to same-sex partners of people who work [in Hong Kong.]” In fact, Hong Kong is considered to be progressive from the point of view of LGBT rights if to compare it to the rest of countries in the Asian region. And even though same-sex marriages are not legal there yet, the country’s population, especially youth, is ready to support it, if to believe researches.


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