Republican Eric Porterfield takes back his remark of killing a gay son, but he would still disown him


Porterfield, who sits in the Republican-controlled West Virginia House of Delegates, ignited fury last month when he said that if his children had come out to him as LGBT+ he would have killed them. “If it was my son, I would probably take him hunting, I would take him fishing… then I’d see if he could swim.”But he denied that these words were threat to drown someone. He insisted that he had referred to a famous movie starring Mel Gibson. “Cheating on the boat meant you could no longer be on the boat and the last thing that was asked was ‘Do you swim?’ as a courtesy. Amazing how liberal media assumes and tries to make facts in these type of situations for self-benefit,” he tried to explain. Disowning your kids is in fact not much better than drowning them, and it does not make the politician less homophobic in people’s eyes.


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