Lesbian couple were not allowed to attend dance classes


A lesbian couple from Missouri Michelle King and Amanda Shelton believe they were discriminated against when a dance company refused to give dance classes to them in the wake of their wedding as ‘it could make others feel awkward’. Dave Thompson, the dancing instructor, refused to comment this situation to the media, saying that his legal team investigates the matter. The women, however, insisted that they don’t want to dig deeper and they are not going to let this unpleasant situation spoil the best day in their life. Businesses in Missouri can legally refuse to serve same-sex couples on the grounds of religious freedom, but the ballroom studio to which the couple applied for classes has no specific mention of not serving same-sex couples on their website. “At Prestige Ballroom Dancing, we employ a traditional approach to teaching adults to dance,” a description on the company’s Facebook Page reads, “Our warm, friendly and patient instructors can help any novice become confident in ballroom dancing. We use the medium of ballroom, Latin, swing and other social dance forms to produce all forms of personal growth.”


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