Alberta conservatives think teachers should out gay kids to families


The leader of the United Conservative Party in Alberta, Canada, Jason Kenney, has defended the idea that teachers should have a right to out the gay-straight alliance members to their parents. Kenney, who is tipped to become Premier of the Canadian province after April 16 regional elections, has been criticized over a pledge to repeal the current protections for members of such groups at schools. The leader has vowed to repeal the 2017 law protecting the rights of students to form GSAs, and introduce a replacement law that opponents say is much weaker. The prohibition to notify the parents that their kids are in GSA was removed from this version. Defending himself from criticism, Kenney told CBC: “We support GSAs… our Education Act will have the strongest legal protection for GSAs of any province in Canada.” Asked when it would ever be appropriate for parents to be notified that their children had joined a GSA group, Kenney replied that only in certain, very rare, cases (like mental health disorders among pupils).


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