Karamo Brown wants one more child


The Fab Five member told Stylist magazine that one biological and one adopted son are deeply loved by him but there is some space left in his heart to love one more creature, so he is now considering adoption. Last year, Brown revealed that he only found out he had a child 10 years after their birth. The boy’s mom was his high school girlfriend, the relationships with whom were an attempt of himself to escape from admitting his attraction to men. He found out that Jason had a half-brother Chris and the younger boy himself asked Karamo to be his dad. It took years for him to make it possible, but he did it and it was one of the best decision he has ever made. And now he is planning to marry a man he loves and he wants to start a new, full family. His two sons, his biggest love and pride, will always have place in his heart and in his house, but where are two can always be three, so if there is a lot of love to give, then why not to direct it on some orphan who does not know what it is?


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