Gay Qantas CEO met a 10-year-old businessman who asked him for advice


Gay Qantas CEO Alan Joyce has signed a deal with 10-year-old Alex Jacquot, who sent him a letter in which he shared a plan to launch an airline company of his own, and asked Joyce, as the most experienced businessman n this sphere in Australia, for advice on how to make longtime flights more comfortable for passengers. The legally non-binding memorandum of understanding between the Australian giant and the boy’s Oceania Express, which was signed during a meeting at Qantas, states that in case of any disagreement the responsibility will be taken by the third side – the boy’s mom. Qantas will help Oceania Express with fleet and network matters, branding and marketing, and in return will receive ideas “on how to make long-haul flying more fun for kids,” MailOnline has reported. The deal will reportedly come into effect in 2026, because the young businessman needs to graduate school first. As well as the memorandum of understanding, Joyce also provided Alex and his vice-CEO and BFF Wolf with a newly-designed logo for their company.


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