Georgia State teachers who mocked queer boy were suspended for 2 days


Jean Mott, whose 14-year-old son attends Shiloh Middle School in Atlanta, spoke out after teachers mocked the boy in front of his classmates for his sexuality. According to the mother, her son missed a couple of days at school, and when he appeared there after a break, the teacher told him “Your boyfriend was cheating on you while you were away. Oh, you two make a really good couple.” In another occasion, when the boy had a conflict with a classmate, the teacher asked “How many times do I have to watch you chasing boys?” The two teachers, named by WSB as Donald Holmes and India Cornelius, were each suspended by the school for two days. Responding to the official complaint from the mother against the school, they admitted using such phrases against the boy, claiming that these were ‘jokes’. In a statement, the school said: “Both investigations found that the teachers’ comments were inappropriate. As a result, disciplinary action was taken against both teachers.” The Georgia Professional Standards Commission is also investigating the incident


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