Good Trouble’s Tommy Martinez has no problem with bisexuality


The actor who plays a bisexual character named Gael in the Good Trouble series, said that it was a chance for him to educate his family, conservative emigrants from Venezuela, that there are people who are attracted not only to the opposite sex and it is okay. The actor sincerely hopes that his family would not be the only group of people who have understood more about the human sexuality as a spectrum. “I feel really good about this character because it’s helping my family to understand that people live different lives,” the actor told MTV. He had a same-sex crush as a teen and he is not ashamed of it, he talks about it openly to tackle biphobia and stigma. He supports the bi community fully, but prefers not to be labeled as bisexual himself. He had an experiment with a man because all of people are kind of sexually fluid, though many of them prefer to keep it in the latent phase. But now he realizes that he is attracted to women only, especially to his fiancée and fellow actress Adeline Rudolph.


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