Israeli TV delays gay terrorist drama due to threats to boycott Eurovision


Israel’s state broadcaster has agreed to delay a TV show that depicts an ISIS terrorist who has many similarities with French singer Bilal Hassani, who was picked to represent his country at the Eurovision Song Contest this year, and the contest is to be host by Israel. The three-episode satirical comedy depicts fictional French gay Muslim ‘TJ’ being blackmailed into carrying out a terror attack, and the thing is that Bilal Hassani is gay, French and Muslim, and it was known that he was going to represent France at the Eurovision before the comedy release was announced by the TV broadcaster KAN. The brioadcaster has now confirmed that Douze Points has been shelved until after the song contest following an intervention from the European Broadcasting Union, which oversees Eurovision. So even if the comedy is shown, it can happen only after the contest. Speaking to Haaretz, show creator Asaf Zelikovitch criticized the decision to shelve the show. He said he was surprised and disappointed with such a decision because he had no plans to lash out at French gay Muslim community in general and Hassani in part, vice versa, he wanted to laugh at homophobic prejudice.


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