Anti-trans Minecraft creator Markus ‘Notch’ Persson is removed from his own game


An update to the game on March 27 removed messages greeting gamers when they load up Minecraft, according to gaming news site Kotaku. Greetings mentioned Notch and were deleted because of the backlash around his personality, but credits to him remained on the website. The Swedish programmer, who left Minecraft in 2014 after it was bought by Microsoft for $2.5 billion, attracted criticism for causing a backlash against transgender community via Twitter. Writing about “the demand” that he use trans people’s correct pronouns, he tweeted: “THEY ARE THE ONES USING THE WRONG PRONOUNS F**KING HELL.” He also noted that he did not believe that trans women are women, but thought they deserved love and respect because they feel they are women. But at the same time he called trans people mentally ill and said that it would be better to be a fascist than a trans person. It has nothing to do with love and respect. Trans gamers have expressed their joy and relief at the news that Minecraft would no long pay homage to Persson.


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