Laura Ingraham is under fire for an inappropriate joke about trans people


McGill University’s Paul Nathanson came to Laura Ingraham’s podcast and they were both in the center of the backlash when Mr. Nathanson said that trans people were not simply rewriting genders, but they were trying to get rid of the concept of gender at all. Pundit Nathanson, who has written multiple papers about the alleged spread of misandry (sexism against men), accused trans people of creating the new species using methods of social engineering, When Fox News host Ingraham asked what the new species would look like, he responded that they would be hybrids of humans and machines. Some also questioned whether Ingraham and her guest had mixed up trans people with the fictional Transformers robots, but the majority just made jokes of transgender cyborgs trying to keep the planet in control. Many expressed their gratitude with Ingraham for releasing a podcast episode with this futuristic concept.


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