DNA advances can help to identify those who killed two gay Australians in 1991


David Saint was murdered on Tuesday 16 April, 1991 in a suspected homophobic hate crime in Adelaide’s south parklands. In 2004, Robert Woodland was also found dead at the same area and he had been assaulted before he died. It is not known whether the two deaths were connected and homophobically motivated, but both of the victims were beaten before death and they were not robbed, because their possessions were found next to them. In neither case suspects had been found and charged, but the detectives hope to reach justice now, using modern technologies. Investigating officer Detective Sergeant Justin Thompson said materials from the crime scene of David Saint are going to undergo further forensic testing due to advances in technology. “There were reports at the time of ‘gay bashings’ around the south parklands, so that would be our strongest line in relation to motive. We know that some of the men who would frequent this area were married. In turn that means one of the issues for us is that because of the nature of this activity a lot of incidents that we were aware of anecdotally weren’t formally reported to police,” Thompson added.


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