Irish Senator believes ‘gay cure therapy’ should be a choice, but only if it does not harm


Irish Senator Rónán Mullen has said that conversion therapy should be an “individual choice”. But only when it comes to prayers, psychological consultations and other harmless attempts to influence person’s mind, those practices that harm others physically and\or mentally can and should be outlawed. Mullen made the comments in Ireland’s Seanad, which is the upper house in the country’s parliament. He was responding to remarks made by Senator Fintan Warfield about conversion therapy. Mullan says that people’s wellbeing should be in priority. If they want to undergo these practices to improve their wellbeing, then they should do it, but if their wellbeing is getting worse because of them, then there should be no place for these practices. Senator Mullen is a socially conservative Irish politician and was a prominent voice arguing against same-sex marriage during the referendum in 2015. By then he used to say: : “What marriage is about is the state supporting the particular relationship between men and women because that provides the context that people want that works best for the bringing up of children”.


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