Man is imprisoned for homophobic assault on EasyJet cabin crew


Michael Cunnett and his new wife had been travelling to celebrate their honeymoon when the incident occurred, onboard the EasyJet flight from London’s Gatwick airport to Egypt. The defendant, who was allegedly drunk, sparked a conflict with a cabin crew as they demanded him to stop smoking an electronic cigarette. According to Brighton’s Argus, Cunnett used homophobic slurs before punching two members of the crew. EasyJet flight attendant Christopher Bogley told the court that the defendant was chanting homophobic slurs at him, but he did not know that he indeed was gay and very proud of it. He added that if Mr. Cunnett is going to travel again then it is necessary for him to understand that some personal features (sexuality, race, religion, disability etc.) should be accepted, not laughed at. Judge David Rennie handed him a seven-month custodial sentence and ordered him to pay £500 compensation to both victims.


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