Virgin Atlantic will have a new pro-diversity logo


Virgin Atlantic has announced it is replacing its Flying Lady with five new “Flying Icons” to represent and celebrate diversity. Virgin Atlantic’s use of the Flying Lady was inspired by figureheads that have decorated ships since the 16th century. The artwork for it was based on the pin up girls made famous by Alberto Vargas, dating back to the 1930s and 1940s. But it was decided to change the longtime tradition to give a message of condemning gender pay gap and to let the company’s staff members and clients from different social groups that they are accepted and welcomed. The airline is aiming to have a 50:50 gender balance in leadership roles, as well as 12% black, Asian and minority ethnic group (BAME) representation across the company, by 2022. In a further move to increase equality, the airline recently announced it has changed its uniform and styling policy so women won’t be required to wear skirts and makeup if they don’t want to


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