Canadian politician likens gay love to pedophilia


The conservative party candidate Mark Smith sparked backlash as his records from 2013 where resurfaced online. He made remarks about media forcing people to believe that gay love is love, but he believed that there could be certain spaces where people could be made to think the same of pedophilia, because it was also a socially unaccepted kind of love. Let us clarify: gay love is love, because it is about two people (who just happened to be the same sex) mutually willing to be together and to get intimate. Pedophilia is a crime, because in this case only one of two understands what they do and wants to do it, the other one is assaulted and abused. And Mr. Smith was called out for not being able to understand such an obvious difference and forced to apologize for it. In his apology he writes that he wanted to criticize media for the way they highlight certain issues, and he had no intent to hurt gay people or to say they were the same as child abusers.


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