Dua Lipa joins Brunei boycotts


Dua Lipa has urged her followers to boycott Brunei-owned businesses after the country implemented Sharia law, according to which gay people are whipped and stoned to death. Lipa wrote on Twitter that such laws are inhuman and gay rights are human rights, they deserve being protected from such a cruelty. “Taking a stand today and forever to show support. The fight is never over we’re only scratching the surface but we need to be louder than ever. #BoycottBrunei ” she added above a photo of the shoes decorated with a rainbow flag. Among other famous people boycotting Brunei over anti-LGBT laws are George Clooney, Ellen DeGeneres and Sir Elton John. Despite facing international outcry, the southeast Asian country’s new Sharia law-based penal code, which makes gay sex an offence punishable by stoning to death, came into effect on April 3.


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