LGBT-inclusive education charity TIE is collapsing


The Time for Inclusive Education (TIE) campaign led efforts to convince politicians in Scotland to make LGBT-inclusive education standard in Scottish schools. But now they announce that they are going to close because of the lack of funding. “The statement says: “At New Year, we told you that following the announcement that our model of LGBT-inclusive education was to become a reality in all state schools, we would attempt to seek core funding in order to meet the massive demand that has been placed upon us for the free school services that we deliver. Currently, over 100 schools, a dozen local authorities, and numerous national educational organizations are looking to work with us.” But they noted that their financial resources do not allow them to cover this demand, which grows rapidly, and they are unable to find the source of income. “This is not the news we hope to share with our partner organizations or with all of the schools and colleges who are patiently waiting on confirmation of whether well be available to work with them. We will update the situation in the coming days,” they concluded


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