Trans teen attacked at school changing room


Coron Kraatz, 15, was assaulted by another student on March 19 as she walked to a school changing room for a PE lesson at Oasis Academy Wintringham, reports GrimsbyLive. Kraatz was reportedly assaulted by the 15-year-old pupil and she believed that her transgender identity was a reason for the attack because she was bullied for it before. She was grabbed by the girl, who smashed her head on the ground and stamped on her face, and if her teacher did not intervene, nobody knows how it could end. Kraatz was taken to hospital where she was treated for bruising and severe concussion. The assault also worsened her anxiety and Kraatz reported that she is now afraid to leave her house. The girl’s mom says that she is now working on her daughter’s coming back to school safely and the school i9s to have trans acceptance training for the staff and students


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