Oxford University students launched a petition to remove Brunei sultan’s degree


A petition calling on the University of Oxford to rescind the Sultan of Brunei’s 1993 honorary degree has topped more than 50,000 signatures in less than 2 days as a reaction to the new law in the country, according to which people are whipped or stoned to death if they are convicted of homosexuality. King’s College London and the University of Aberdeen also announced their plans to review honorary degrees awarded to the Bruneian ruler Hassanal Bolkiah, who has ruled over the country both as head of state and prime minister since 1967. But as for Oxford, it turns out that the petition was launched on its behalf, but not by its officials, and the issue of taking away the sultan’s degree is not going to be considered in the nearest future. But the petitioners are not giving up. Through refusing to rescind the Sultan’s Honorary Degree, the University of Oxford indicates that it is content for its name to be tied to human rights abuses and the persecution of LGBTQ+ people,” reads the petition, “As a world renowned institution, the University should not be linked such legislation and must take a clear stance in opposition to the Sultan’s actions.”


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