The lesbian couple who left The Bachelor in Vietnam for each other are still happy together


Since September, when Minh Thu responded to her elimination from the show by declaring her love for one of her rivals, Truc Nhu, the two have attended the Pride in the country’s capital and are currently exploring the beauty of their country together as travelers. Thu has posted numerous adorable Instagram pictures over the past six months, with captions like “she is not alone anymore” and the question: “Can we grow old together?” They’ve trekked through the southern region of Langbiang, and on Valentine’s Day they decided to go to the ocean on the motorbike to watch the sunset together. They also swapped flowers to celebrate the day, posting photos of the sweet gifts to Instagram with the message: “Spend all your time, effort and love preserving what is yours.”

Though gay sex is legal in Vietnam and a ban on same-sex weddings was overturned in 2015, the government still doesn’t protect against LGBT+ discrimination or official legal recognition of same-sex married couples’ spousal rights


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