Canadian man claims to have been fired for being gay


A gay man from Oshawa, Ontario in Canada has claimed that he was fired from his job in retail chain Marshalls because they “didn’t like” him and were seeking a reason for him not to work there. Michael Gale told CBC News that the company—which has stores across the United States and Canada— proclaims itself as LGBT-friendly but these are only words. In an interview with CBC News, Gale said he was initially excited when he was offered the job in a Marshalls store, but as he told one of the co-workers he was gay, it turned him into a target for a group mockery. Gale—who is 29-years-old—said he tried to laugh the comments off, but that it got harder as time went by. One day, a female colleague allegedly told him he should “find a nice woman and settle down.” His friends told him that mockery continued behind his back. In June of last year, Gale said he went to human resources and filed a complaint over the treatment he was experiencing. An investigation led to a letter from the company’s regional HR manager, who found that management in the store had “participated in conversations that were hurtful to [him] and against Human Rights protected grounds of sexuality.” The letter also said that the staff was formally warned, but it made things eve worse and he was forced to leave


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