Community held fundraiser to help the abused transgender schoolgirl


A local cafe in Grimsby raises money to help a local trans teen, 15-year-old Coron Kraatz, who was recently attacked because of her gender identity in the changing room in her school. Following the attack, The Globe, a local coffee shop in Cambridge Street, organized a funding to support the girl. TV presenter and former Celebrity Big Brother contestant India Willougby, who is also a transgender woman, decided to help Coron as well. She initially planned to raise £500, but in the end people donated £1,291. On March, 19, Kraatz was grabbed by a fellow student as she walked to the changing room, who then smashed her head on the ground and stamped on her face. After the attack, which, according to the girl’s mom, was not the first, the girl experienced mental health problems and was afraid to leave the house. She said that the school was also working to phase Kraatz back and to educate her teachers and classmates about the transgender issues


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