Fundraiser for gay rabbinical student raises over £6,000


A fundraiser for a gay rabbinical student who was refused his ordination from a liberal Orthodox rabbinical seminary has found money for his education. Yeshivat Chovevei Torah in New York City denied Daniel Atwood his ordination because of his sexuality, even though when he was accepted to the school, his sexuality was not a secret. The fundraiser by Jewish LGBT+ group Jewish Queer Youth, which launched last week for the boy to go to Israel to complete an ordination. The charity hoped to raise just under £4,000 meaning but they surpassed their target. Within its first hour of launching the fundraiser had already garnered over half of its goal sum. “I have always been fully committed to living my life according to Orthodox halacha [Jewish law]. At the same time, I refuse to live anything but a dignified life,” said the young man, who got engaged to his fiancé during the concert of the Australian singer Troye Sivan, who is also a gay Jewish.


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