TV Choice Awards boycott London hotel owned by Brunei


This year’s TV Choice Awards will not be held in the Brunei owned Dorchester Hotel in London for the first time reacting on the country implementing Sharia law with death penalty for homosexuality. Posting on Twitter last week, TV Choice magazine—which runs the awards—said: “The 2019 TV Choice Awards will not be held at The Dorchester Hotel. This year’s venue will be announced in due course.” So this year the annual event is to be held in another location, which is yet to be announced. The Dorchester Hotel in London is just one of many hotels owned by the Sultan of Brunei, who this week oversaw the introduction of new elements of Islamic criminal law. The new laws will target gay people, adulterers and those found guilty of robbery. The Dorchester Collection previously stated that they are for diversity and inclusion and asked not to target their staff.


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