Game of Thrones star Kit Harington performed in drag for SNL


Game of Thrones actor Kit Harington has put on a drag burlesque show while hosting Saturday Night Live wearing a skirt and high-heeled shoes for a sketch about a bachelorette patry. Harington played the bachelorette’s fiance, Brian, entering in a trenchcoat with the line: “Tonight, I’m not just your fiance. I’m the entertainment.” He proceeded to reveal his outfit, telling the women: “The art of slowly wearing less is burlesque. I hope you’re ready for the 40s, cos you’re about the see some bespoke ass!” Harington’s wife, played by SNL mainstay Cecily Strong, asked if he was wearing heels, to which he proudly responded that he did, but they were small, just for posture. hushing his watching audience, he added: “Prepare to edge as you watch me take off my glove” before tearing it off with his teeth. The culmination was when Harrington rips off his bodice and reveals nipple tassels, yelling: “This is for my wife!” She called bizarre, but said she could not wait to marry the man who is ready to do something like this for her.


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