Hozier sends love to the lesbian fanbase


During a Tumblr Q&A in September last year, the “Take Me to Church” singer was asked about whether he was aware that his music is adored by the lesbian community, and if yes, what does he think of it and of the cult believing that he was possessed by an ancient lesbian witch? The star, whose real name is Andrew Hozier-Byrne, responded: that he was barely aware, but was getting more and more informed about his lesbian admirers, whom he considered amazing. “Some of the people I’ve met at shows, after Chicago in particular—I got to meet some really, really fantastic people. And I’m here too, and keep being awesome, ” said the Irish singer. As for witch possession, he smiles hearing it, noting that he does not know himself. Indeed, no witch-possessed person knows about being witch-possessed. In what may be the first post on the subject, a Twitter user called flora wrote: “hozier is proof that reincarnation is real bc he was 100% a Victorian lesbian witch in his last life.” In October 2017, a Tumblr post reading “i support the irish lesbian witch whose soul chose hozier as a vessel to write music about her and her undead gf” went viral with 30,000 notes, and a movement was born.


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