Queer Eye contestant paid off college debts thanking to crowdfunding


Queer Eye‘s lesbian hero Jess Guilbeaux has paid off her college debts as people helped to raise more than $90,000 dollars for her. Guilbeaux, whose story was told in episode five of the new season of Queer Eye, was disowned by her adoptive parents when she came out to them as a lesbian at 16. They were Christians and preferred to break all connections with their ‘sinful’ daughter, refusing to pay for her education as well. Queer Eye fan called Vanessa Gamet, from Lawrence in Kansa, set up a GoFundMe page in March to raise money to help Guilbeaux go back to college, which has so far raised more than $90 000, and Jess confirmed that she is no longer in debt. “I wanted to update everyone on what your wonderful gifts have helped me do and my process to getting back to school: I have paid off all my student loans!!,” she posted, noting that she is very excited to start her education and her life in general from an empty sheet.


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