Russian politician thinks yoga makes people gay


Russian politician behind the country’s “gay propaganda” law Yelena Mizulina allegedly suggested that if inmates in male prisons practice yoga they would all be gay. Mizulina—who heads the Duma Committee on Family, Women and Children’s Affairs—allegedly forwarded a complaint from a Russian theologian to the prison service which asked that yoga classes for prisoners to be scrapped. But the MP herself claims the information to be false and prepares a lawsuit. The original complaint—which came from theologian Alexander Dvorkin—allegedly claimed that yoga asanas—or poses—could cause “uncontrollable arousal” in prisoners and change their sexuality, and as Mizulina received this letter, she allegedly demanded to ban yoga in prisons. It was done, but after the investigation classes were resumed. Meanwhile, Dvorkin has said his words—and his complaint—were taken out of context.


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