The Sultan of Brunei’s Oxford degree will be reviewed


The University of Oxford has said it will review an honorary degree it awarded to the Sultan of Brunei in 1993 because he is responsible for the implementation of the capital punishment for homosexuality in his country earlier this month. The university’s latest statement comes after the King’s College London (KCL) and the University of Aberdeen both said that they are taking away the Sultan’s titles. There was a petition from the Oxford students demanding the university to do the same, but the university initially distanced itself from it. But in a new statement, issued two days later, the university assumed that they were going to review this issue. “As an institution deeply committed to equality, diversity and individual rights we understand and share the concerns of our students and staff who have expressed abhorrence at recent developments in Brunei and would like to disassociate from them. We also believe in due process. Just as nobody has a right to confer an honorary degree, nobody has a right summarily to rescind it,” the statement reads


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