Bulgarian politicians attempt to block LGBT exhibition


Politicians in Plovdiv, Bulgaria are campaigning to block a new LGBT+ exhibition planned for this summer as a part of the European Capital of Culture initiative, and this is the first time for Bulgaria to host the vent of such kind. But the local politicians are, mildly speaking, not excited about this idea. Bulgarian politician Alexander Sidi said last weekend that he was prepared to use “illegal means” to ban the exhibition from taking place. Meanwhile, Borislav Inchev from VMRO-Plovdic said he was “curious” to see what would happen if a teacher mistakenly sends pupils to the exhibition of such kind and then will be forced to explain what they have seen. In a bid to topple the event, anti-LGBT+ city councillors yesterday held a vote on whether or not the festival’s artistic director, Svetlana Kuyumdzhieva should be suspended. Kuyumdzhieva said the backlash against the Balkan Pride exhibition could “seriously damage the reputation and image that we’ve been building in the past five years.” Calls for Plovdic mayor Ivan Totev to resign over the exhibition were also rejected. Speaking at yesterday’s vote, Totev said that opponents to the exhibition were those who tried to spoil the city’s image.


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