Emma Bunton reveals the Spice Girls deliberately included an LGBT twist in one of the songs


Baby Spice talked to Gay Times about how the line “any deal that we endeavor/boys and girls feel good together” turned into “once again if we endeavor/love will bring us back together,” because neither she nor any of her bandmates believed that something that can bring people together and make them feel good is relate to opposite-sex relationships only. The lyric change was incorporated into the Spice Girls’ single release, music video and stage performances. Bunton recalled that being on the road they decided to change the lyrics of the song because they were not inclusive enough. Thank goodness we’re living at a time where everyone is supporting each other so much more now. I feel so thankful to them—when I write or when I perform, it feels on such a more open, different level,” said Emma, noting that the LGBT fans noticed such a subtle hint on the love equality in the song and this is one of the main reason why the band has such a huge and amazing LGBT fanbase that play a big role in their success.


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