How did the relationships of an opposite-sex married couple start working three way?


Cathy and Thomas married five years ago, but more than a year ago they met a woman named Nicole, Cathy’s co-worker. At first she was just a friend of theirs, but later she became romantically bonded to each of them, and Thomas and Cathy think that their relationships only won from such a change. When Cathy introduced her colleague to Thomas, she noticed the chemistry between them, but she was not jealous at all, because she had some chemistry with Nicole too. So she asked her about a date for three. She was surprised, but gave it a chance and it worked out. Cathy says that her connection with husband is not changed – she is mutually in love with him, their relationships are stable. But when it comes to physical, passionate expression of love, it goes wider than between the two. And by the way, Thomas and Cathy have a child, who is too small yet to understand that he has two moms and a dad, but he is loved by three people and he knows it.


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